Protect Your Garden With “Nice” Bugs

Common pests are one of the biggest dangers to a garden, and they are particularly dangerous to vegetable gardens and delicate plants such as flowers. This can result in gardeners having to settle for produce that has been damaged by insects, or they may decide to spray their gardens with chemicals that are costly, can be dangerous, and are very bad for the environment. Many people just don’t like the thought of eating food that they know they have sprayed with a bunch of chemicals that kill things.

Gardens & Bugs

One of the best ways to safely control garden pests is to use the help of specialists like termite inspection Phoenix which will help to deal with pest without danger to environment and health. The other good way to control garden pests is introducing other kinds of bugs that kill those pests. Many of these bugs are able to kill dozens of other bugs on a daily basis, and they produce offspring that are able to continue the process. Two common ways to seed a garden with “nice” bugs is to purchase them online or through a home and garden store, and then release them into the garden. It is even possible to buy insect eggs that are very cheap, and allow you to have hundreds of bugs. You can also go on a collecting missions, and transfer bugs from the surrounding area to your garden. If your garden is right for them they will breed, and you will soon have a self-sustaining population of killer bugs to protect your garden. There are thousands of “nice” bugs that you can put in your garden, but three of the most popular in the American south-west are Aphid Midges, Lady Bugs, and Ground Beetles.

Aphid Midges

The aphid midge is the larval stage of a fly, and it is able to kill over sixty different kinds of aphids. The aphid midge looks like a slightly translucent bug with very thing legs, and spends its time attacking the aphids hat live on the underside of leaves. Aphid midges are a great insect because they can be purchased for cheap, take care of one of the worst garden pests, and when they get older they turn into small flies that go away.

Garden and lady Bug

Lady Bugs

Lady bugs are one of the most well-know “good” bugs. They are very adorable little beetles that most people are very comfortable with. Lady bugs kill all kinds of insects, and many people consider it a point of pride to have lady bugs in their gardens. It is possible to buy lady bug eggs, and you can release any you find around your house into your garden. Lady bugs are attracted by plants like dill and fennel, and so you can simply plant these delicious plants in your garden.

Ground Beetles

Ground Beetles

Ground beetles are a kind of beetle that kills slugs, snails, insect larva, and caterpillars. These beetles are fairly large, but they only hunt at night and so you should not see them. Also, they are much less gross that snails. There are many varieties of ground beetles and their eggs are commonly sold at home and garden stores.