Good Bugs For The House

You may not think that there are good bugs for you to have in your home, but there are very good bugs to keep in the house. You will find most of these bugs by chance, and you should leave them be when you find. This list is not exhaustive, but it gives you an idea of what you should do when you find some bugs in your home that you are not sure about.
Home Bugs

Daddy Long Legs

The Daddy Long Legs is not harmful to you at all, and they are going to kill smaller bugs in your house that you cannot kill all on your own. You may not want to going around spraying for bugs all the time, and the Daddy Long Legs is going to take care of most of the bugs for you.


Spiders will move into cabinets that you do not use often, and the cobwebs you find in the corners of the ceiling in some areas are going to house spiders that have no interest in you. You cannot have a spider in every room, but you can have a spider in one part of the house who simply kills the bugs in the house for you. You may notice that the spider has no one to mate with, and that means that you will not find other spiders in the house. You can move this spider out if it gets too big, or you can wait for it to die and remove it completely.

Common Home Spiders

The bugs that are described here are going to help keep your home free of other bugs that you do not want around. You must promise yourself that you are not going to be frightened of the bugs that you find in the house because they will simply get in your way if you are frightened. Allowing one bug to be in your house when it kills off so many other bugs is a good thing for you.

You can call on an expert from when you are not sure what to do with a certain bug, and you can do some of your own research to see how you should deal with these spiders of daddy long legs that you have encountered as you try to take care of your home. Just make sure that you are doing the research well when you are trying to take care of your home so that some bugs get to stay and help you care for the house.