Bugs You Need In Your Garden

If you are like most home gardeners, you work hard to keep your landscape looking its best. While many people worry when they see bugs in their yard or garden, there are some that are actually an integral part of keeping it healthy. Below are some of the most beneficial bugs that will work with you to keeping your yard in great shape.

lady bugGround Beetles

Ground beetles are typically nocturnal and are your best defense against some of the gardens most damaging pests. These beetles feed on garden snails, slugs and cutworms that will feed on the foliage and roots of your plants. Experts believe that just one ground beetle can consume over 50 worms.

Parasitic Insects

There are a variety of parasitic insects that kill damaging pests. A good example of these type of insects are parasitic wasps. These tiny wasps attack the eggs of damaging insects such as earworms and cabbage loopers.

Lace wigs

Few beneficial insects are as helpful as lace wigs. These bugs and their larvae feed on scales, mealybugs, whiteflies, aphids and a multitude of caterpillars.

Lady Bugs

Every home gardener has seen those tiny red and black lady bugs in their yard. It may not be common knowledge, but these tiny bugs are one of the most beneficial insects in the home landscape. They feed on mealybugs, aphids and many different species of mites. Lady bugs also feed on the larvae of some damaging pests, as well.

Spined Soldier Bugs

While this bug may look similar to the damaging stink bug, it is actually a friend of the garden. This red and black insect works to protect garden plants by consuming beetles, larvae and caterpillars.

assassin bugs Assassin Bugs

True to its name, the assassin bug works hard to extinguish bugs that can be harmful to your plants and soil. These bugs can be bright colors, black or brown and they use their beak to inject a poison into worms, flies and mosquitoes which kills them.

Having beneficial insects in your yard or garden is one of nature’s ways of keeping it healthy. These insects are the best form of organic pest control because they occur naturally in the environment. Keeping these bugs alive and well will make your job as a gardener easier. In order to accomplish this goal, be sure to stick to non-toxic, organic garden products. This will ensure you do not kill the good bugs along with the damaging pests.